I want SQL benefits for any Java JSE application, but do not need an entire SQL server, with such things as listen on the port, connection string or perhaps a stand alone process to become runned or set up.

I additionally would rather use files as storages, to ensure that file path identifies DB data.

So provided to the DB API the title of the file, I'd need perform SQL using the file as DB storage, supporting tables, search, joins and card inserts, without thinking to such things as ports, exterior processes, server installation, ecc.. With no other configurration action, since every other configurable feature isn't needed.

Can there be some library, preferrably installable as single .jar, that delivers this functionality?

If there's not this library, which file-based DB may be the easiest to configure and employ within JSE, and which configuration steps are necessary to execute a query within the provided DB and deploy it with (working) the java .jar application?

Sure, Hypersonic SQL or Derby, the database which comes bundled up with Java 7, will both fill the balance. SQLite will be a third alternative.

I love H2 Database greatly. It compares very well along with other database engines.

you might want to look at this:


I would recommend Derby enter link description here