What's the easiest way that i can give a two row list with employees to some Wordpress Content management systems?

Such as this: live example

picture private data

Within the example above I have used a table, but this could correctly are more effective produced as CSS.

I want a means for that client to include new employees without writing ANY code. I have considered while using image caption (however i can't style it generate an income want) or create a listing UL - LI I have also checked out some table plug ins, however it is not exactly being employed as I want. Possibly I have to write this type of wordpress plugin?

Any ideas regarding the way i can solve this issue?



I have reduced the problem :-D

I can simply add new user profiles as 'subscriber' and install the 'user photo' wordpress plugin. I Quickly can show the consumer data generate an income want.

This is exactly what I wound up using:

<div class="personale_table">
$wp_user_search = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT ID, display_name FROM $wpdb->users ORDER BY ID");
foreach ( $wp_user_search as $userid ) {
                    $user_id       = (int) $userid->ID;
                    $user_login    = stripslashes($userid->user_login);
                    $display_name  = stripslashes($userid->display_name);
                    $user_info     = get_userdata($user_id);
                    echo('<div class="personale_thumb personale_ramme">' . get_avatar($user_id) . '</div>');
                    echo('<div class="personale_data"><div class="personale_linje personale_title">' . $user_info->first_name . ' ' . $user_info->last_name .  '</div>');
                    echo('<div class="personale_linje personale_stilling">' . $user_info->aim . '</div><div class="personale_linje">' . $user_info->yim. '</div><div class="personale_linje"><a href="mailto:' . $user_info->user_email . '">' . $user_info->user_email . '</a></div><div class="personale_linje">' . $user_info->jabber . '</div></div>');