I wish to know different choices available if we are hooking up asp.internet mvc application to database.

What exactly are benefits and drawbacks of every method and what's most practical way to select.

In Traditional asp.internet web form application i'm using DAL approach, which appears to be really helpful in my experience to date whilst getting hosting that is shared atmosphere. I would like solution that we can use in hosting that is shared atmosphere.

Thanks everybody :)

Online Mikesdotnetting.com, there's articles entitled ASP.NET MVC is not all about Linq to SQL. Essentially exactly what the article discusses takes a typical ASP.Internet web forms n-layered application and moving it into the field of MVC. The only real stuff that are transformed would be the actual web forms into sights. He leaves a lot of the applying out of the box, the information access layer, the entity objects, the company rules, etc. From reading through the content to see what you are asking, I believe it is simple to use that which you know (your DAL) and mix by using MVC.

Best of luck in your project, and hope this can help some.

Original Web form based application article:

Building Layered Web Applications with Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0

I personally use the the next for that data access:

  • Entity Framework (Code First)
  • Windsor Container for dependency injection setup using the repository pattern to create my remotes testable without getting a database.

Blog post using EF Code First with MVC

Explanation Repository Pattern

Blog post about using MVC3 and Castle Windsor