I'm creating a desktop application that'll be driven by local data. I'm attempting to determine the easiest method to make this happen. The database would contain about 10-12 tables basically make use of a database and that i would imagine a maximum of 10000 records in almost any one table (but honestly 99% of customers will not have a lot more than 1000 records). I'm considering using SQL Server Compact. Is a great choice? I'm able to certainly include this during my installation, however i am just wondering if anybody knows of the better solution? If this sounds like the very best solution, how does one claim that I produce the tables upon deployment? Must I just run "queries" with create table claims inside them from the vb application or incorporate a database file or what? Thanks, Kevin

Forget MS-sql and check out MySQL with MySQL Connector/Internet. You are writing your programs just like you are writing for sql-server (change prefix in MYsql, this is the trick). Mysql is simple to handle by rogue persons, simpler than any Ms-sql