I must know the best way for adding posts in wordpress 3. when you really need to swap backwards and forwards between structure and data. For instance, custom publish type 1 has 6 custom fields, each area consists of something for that tab shortcode i.e. [tab:data] [tab:credits] [tab:where you can buy] etc - this kind is standard each time the page is known as and try to exactly the same publish then it must change to another custom publish type and choose the information publish it is going to use according to what tag page has been known as. Then it must pump a custom area from data publish in to the same display space because the base structure publish, after which hop backwards and forwards between structure and data, after which operate a loop. Thanks ahead of time.

I'd just query for that two special posts before you decide to perform the loop, with [cde] (that won't screw up the standard query). You'll be able to display them nevertheless, you want, using their information mixed together, after which perform the loop.

Within this example, get_posts is really a fixed publish with slug $fixed_post from the custom publish type "fixed_post_slug". "fixed_posts" is really a publish in which the title equals the present tag (as showing a tag page), as well as custom publish type $tag_post.