I have been considering establishing a image power grid similiar to milliondollarhomepage for any small domestic hobby idea , it might be dynamic. The power grid could be around 500x500, I'm wondering the easiest method to code this up, It cannot be slow.

I'm thinking it'll work such as this:

  1. Customers choose their put on the power grid and upload their image.
  2. The look is saved within the DB inside a image type column
  3. On rendering the page towards the public, .Internet cycles through all of the submitted images in the DB and dynamically produces the look according to each DB rows data &lifier saved devote the square

The truth is i am not sure if this sounds like an exotic method of doing it?

Exactly what do everyone think?


You are best just re-creating the look whenever somebody uploads a big change. Presuming you will see much more site visitors than contributing factors it might be inefficient to recreate the look for each request.

Your approach sounds pretty reasonable in my experience.

Like Gordy stated you most likely don't wish to regenerate the look on each visit - however your code to create the look and save it towards the file system could be largely exactly the same anyway. Then, use a large HTML Map to define the person ad's 'area'. That enables you to have different mouse-over text and URL when clicked on.

Again, I'd be enticed to simply create the HTML file whenever you've got a new client seriously. I am talking about, improve your database and employ .Internet code to create the HTML. However the static html page having a static image will probably be much more performant than building anything dynamically.