I have observed that my pageview counts are now being screwed up through the pipe-lining feature in Opera. Individuals who visit using Opera with pipelining enabled count two (or even more) occasions for every visit.

What's the easiest method to identify or block these duplicate demands? I have to understand how to block it on my small server, not only how you can disable pipelining in Opera.

I am using PHP and Apache.

Get a non-logfile based stats solution, like google statistics.

This is actually an problem together with your stats package of preference, not opera.

You should use the Apache [cde] directive to avoid Apache from departing connections open following a request.

If you are stuck with an older 1.3 version of Apache, it's [cde].


The "Context" information on these two links reads "Server Config." Based on this page, which means you cannot rely on them in KeepAlive Off files.

If you're able to just have to change configurations from KeepAlive 0, I believe you will have to make use of the .htaccess directive to create the [cde] atmosphere variable. The good examples on that page also show how you can set variables for just specific files/pathways or specific browsers by user-agent.