What exactly could be the easy way possess a Backup of code and DB could it be installing In your area via http ? However i fear it's security risk as some hacker might obtain access to it .

I'm considering compress then secure the compressed file. However i dunno what file encryption i ought to use and when linux CLI tool readily available for password protected file encryption ?

Thanks Arshdeep

The city at Hacker News brags about Tarsnap. According to the website:

Tarsnap is really a secure online backup service for BSD, Linux, OS X, Solaris, Cygwin, and may most likely be put together on a number of other UNIX-like os's. The Tarsnap client code supplies a flexible and effective command-line interface which may be used directly or via spend scripts.

Tarsnap isn't free, but it's very cheap.

You do not make much sense here.

If installing in your area then you definitely don't review public systems, so it's no problem.

Unless of course you meant only to download. But now you ask , to download what?

However, the problem of acquiring the upload (for initial setup) as well as for maintenance is really as essential.

Acquiring your assets for example code repository and database is crucial, but when you could have SSH use of your server you have encoded tunnel established and moving files over that tunnel (scp) is very secure if paranoid (or perhaps in need) you are able to boost security on SSH server setting to version 2 only.

If you are concerned about transports, use SSH. I am inclined to use replication over an SSH tunnel to help keep a MySQL database synchronized. A backup from the version control server (that is different then the deployment server) is went by rsync over ssh. If you wish to secure files in your area you could utilize gpg, which may absolutely not operate in tandem using the database replication, for the reason that situation you'd have to make use of a dump or snapshot of the database at regular times.