I wish to print the meta infos of the publish during my custom template. But both functions the_meta() and get_post_meta($id, $key, $single) print nothing. I've double checked that my publish has publish meta data, I've checked that within the DBs table.


<?php the_meta(); ?>


<ul class='post-meta'> </ul> 

Any ideas how you can trobleshoot and fix?

You do everything right but you have to keep in mind that in php make use of the echo function if you use get_publish_meta($args)...

So, inside your template you'd be doing something similar to:

<ul class="meta thumb">
<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'thumb', true) ?>

Where thumb will be the worth of the meta key you need to display...

Does which help?

Another thing was the issue: I named my custom fields _fieldname. Which makes them hidden and not able to become utilized within the template. You need to write a "getter tag" to gain access to them.

And So I either need to take away the underscore or I must write a function like the_custom_field_foobar() for their services.