I'm using JMeter to check our application 's performance. however i found after i send 20 demands from JMeter, with this particular the main reason result ought to be add 20 new records in to the sql server, however i just find 5 new records, meaning SQL server discard another demands(because I required a log, and make certain the place new records are sent to sql server.)

Do anybody have ideas ? What is the threshold quantity of request can SQL server handle per second ? Or should i perform some configuration ?

Yeah, during my application, I attempted, however it appears that only 5 demands are recognized, I'm not sure how you can config , it can accept more.

I am not convinced the nr of demands per seconds are directly releated to SQL server throwing out your card inserts. Possibly there's a credit card applicatoin logic error that comes back or does not commit the card inserts. Or even the application does not handle concurrency and card inserts data breaking the restrictions. I'd look into the server logs for deadlocks too.

Use either SQL Profiler or even the LINQ data context for logging to determine what's really been delivered to the server after which figure out what the issue is.

Let the data context log such as this:

datacontext.Log = Console.Out;

Like a side note, I have been processing 10 000 transactions per second in SQL Server, and so i don't believe that's the issue.

To obtain benchmark tests for SQL Server along with other RDBMS, go to the Processing Performance Council Web

This is depending on what kind of queries you do. You could have many queries asking for data that is already inside a buffer, to ensure that no disk read access is needed or have reads, which really require disk access. Should you database is small and you've got enough memory, you may have all of the data in memory whatsoever occasions - access could be extremely fast then, you can find 100+ queries/second. If you want to read a disk, you're dependant an you hardware. I've elected to have an UltraSCSI-160 controller with UltraSCSI-160 drives, the quickest option you will get on the PC type platform. I process about 75'000 records every evening (they get downloaded from another server). For every record I process, this program makes about 4 - 10 queries to place the brand new record in to the correct 'slot'. The whole process takes about 3 minutes. I am running this with an 850 MHz AMD Athlon machine with 768 Megabytes of RAM. Hope this provides a little indication concerning the speed.

You may also use Sql Server profile to check on the way your querys are performed