I am handling a hosting team that's fairly skiddish of controlling many rewrite rules. What exactly are your encounters with the amount of rules your sites are presently controlling?

I can tell dozens (or even more) approaching because the site develops and contracts and want to create anticipation this is not from the norm.


it ought to be normal that you've a large amount of rewrite rules for your site. Because the site will get bigger the quantity of pages you have to rewrite develops, and based on exactly what the pages do, you might have multiple rewrites per page. This really is all depending on how secure you're making your website. More security means more safeguards.

module provides you with a chance to transparently redirect one Hyperlink to another, with no user’s understanding. This reveals a variety of options, from simply redirecting old Web addresses to new addresses, to cleaning the ‘dirty’ Web addresses from a poor posting system — providing you with Web addresses which are user friendly to both visitors and search engines like google.


so virtually it's at the discretion. How secure would you like so that it is.