I am a PHP developer who uses drupal whenever the task appears like it may need a Content management systems. I had been getting attorney at law having a friend who stated it helps him a great deal with clients he knows multiple cms. In my experience, this seems like dividing a person's efforts, and I am unsure whether it's worthwhile to get time learning another cms.

Could it be frequently that jobs lend themselves easier to one cms over another? or can most cms handle most jobs?

I'd say a little of superficial understanding of the wider selection of CMSes will not hurt you. It's not necessary to become a specialist immediately, but knowing their unique talents and weak points and also the mindset they include might prove handy. When you choose you'll need one of these, there's usually still lots of time to dive in to the documentation and have great results.

I'd state that a comprehensive understanding of 1 Content management systems is much more important, you are so much efficient should you fully realize what you are doing. Drupal can also be very flexible, that you can do nearly everything by using it, despite the fact that often it is very complicated.

I do not think you will get much by learning an identical Content management systems, however it can be usefule to understand a Content management systems that's quite different from Drupal. For instance a simple Content management systems which you can use should you just have no need for all of the complexity Drupal earns.

I personally use only two of the most popular free, Drupal &lifier Joomla. Knowing a lot more than two of the most popular programs if this involves website design is overkill IMHO. As already pointed out I'd concentrate on one a bit more simply to become more adapt in internet marketing.

Plus you might get a customer who just wants you need to do create a ready to use template that like but who does not possess the experience to make use of the Content management systems.

Lastly Personally, i don't consider Wordpress to become a full Content management systems but it is also smart to learn Wordpress mostly since it is very popular but additionally since it is ideal for quick 3-6 page fundamental sites.

If you are a PHP developer, you will probably find your development abilities can stagnate should you only code in Drupal constantly. You are not subjecting you to ultimately different techniques of software development. For instance: Developing in Drupal 6 does not provide you with much experience of Object Orientated Programing. It's largely procedural (except for Sights).

While Drupal is really a quality product, there's certainly a misunderstanding that it's flexible enough for everything. I have been developing much talked about sites in Drupal for many many I have seen a number of projects coded in Drupal which should happen to be completed in another framework or language. A number of them have. I'd broaden. You'll have the ability to make smarter choices.

I am presently branching into Ruby on Rails and I am finding it's giving me some valuable perspective. It is also a great framework for individuals projects in which a Content management systems might not be appropriate. Also: The best practices in RoR I'm integrating back to Drupal.

It is dependent around the type of work you are doing. If you are always building sites on your own, and also have full say by which Content management systems you utilize, it seems sensible to stay using what you are aware of learn it inside-out. If, however, you are ever introduced right into a project to change a current site, or you will be hired with a client that already uses a current Content management systems for another thing, it can help knowing not only Drupal.