Ok I am a small website developer company that's using iPage as hosting service inside a Win PC atmosphere both at home and Linux on host . Typical websites are comprised of Joomla, Wordpress, phpBB, WikiMedia, therefore the usual suspects. So you will find media files, MySQL databases, php, etc. There's a backup service for a small fee that may do daily backup copies from the system files although not any database files. Might be ok try not to determine if it is best solution for iteration development and restore. For MySQL I discovered php backup scripts that may help: http://www.phpclasses.org/search.html?words=backup&x=0&y=0&go_search=1

"Also worth thinking about whether it's MySQL on Linux is sourceforge.internet/projects/automysqlbackup -- it can could be triggered by cron, and uses mysqldump, however it stores daily, weekly and monthly backup cycles inside a nice structure and it is quite configurable. – Matt Gibson Jul 16 '10 at 9:01 Copied and pasted from back up a database "

I am convinced that someone has figured a neat and smart way using open source for iteration development having the ability to restore to the point (or at best daily) inside a clean clear to see condition of individuals files. It might be also nice not have immeasureable data always needing to be downloaded from host because this might cause provider to seal lower service for "abuse of bandwidth" (yes which has happened in my experience) therefore if nothing has transformed on host then you don't need to download again. I am afraid of needing to backup 100+ websites if only a couple of are drawing up time. Subversion programs for example TortoiseSVN appear promising but exactly how could that actually work? I possibly could get it on my small local machine but doubt I'm able to install on host server but maybe I do not have to. I've looked here on stackoverflow but nonetheless a little confused on easiest way: What is the best solution for maintaining backup and revision control on live websites?

To recap, if your client calls and states hey I busted this site and I have to restore just the Joomla install and the relaxation out of the box, how do i prepare after which do individuals kinds of things.

I've another question however i think I'll begin a new thread but when you need to advise please. Just how to arrange the folders and files of the items I am doing (webdev) around the host as well as on my local? I only say this now due to how things will be supported plus some installs may have files nicely within their folders but additionally within the root directory so things could possibly get untidy after which local machine is different then host after which ahhh chaos!

Thanks ahead of time for just about any comments and please finish this discomfort lol