The way i can determine if the IP host a sites or otherwise by PHP (Reverse IP) ?

For instance :

This IP host 5 sites www.earthwar.p , ..ect

Basically have and IP i simply need to determine if it host a websites or otherwise

I believe gethostbyaddr isn't helpful here

Could anybody help please ?

The way i can determine if the IP host a domain names or otherwise by PHP ?

There's not one function with this: It is a non-trivial task. gethostbyaddr() will enable you to get the one domain title which was set up to become the host reputation for the IP. That's about all you are able get easily.

You will find various companies on the internet that collect domains, resolve them, and keep information inside a database. It's possible that you will find compensated services that provide you use of an API, but that does not appear to become that which you are thinking about.