I simply finished to implement a custom functionality within the page articles during my Joomla website using wizard. Within this page you'll be able to query a hash and research it against a database.

I must keep last 5 queries and demonstrate to them within the page but I'm not sure how to get it done. I want something as Java EE "Application Context" to keep this values making them open to all of the customers so utilizing a Session to keep this values isn't things i need.

I saw within the documentation that in Joomla is available JApplicacion but none of them of his techniques enables me to keep data.

Not getting used Java, however i think the whole PHP platform doesn't have "Application context". You just need to store these questions database table.

JApplication can be used in conclusion all of the code that runs because the Joomla Content management systems. Its livetime nonetheless finishes using the finish from the request.

HTH, Jochen