Please recommend something about applying Object-Oriented Databases for dynamic languages (thinking about Ruby).

I understand that OODBs don't have a great mathematical foundation, but nonetheless the data I possibly could find is completely inadequate that i can start focusing on a brand new OODB.


Take a look at Won Kim's "Introduction to Object-Oriented Databases". It's considered an authoritative source around the matter.

EDIT: An alternate reference is "Object-Relational Database Development" by Paul Brown. It requires an itemOrrelational approach, which might be interesting because of the prevalence of relational technologies nowadays.

You will find several for pay papers:

An implementation of a multimedia object-oriented database management system

An object-oriented database system Jasmine: implementation, application, and extension

The Design and Implementation of an Object Oriented Database Management System-OMNIX

Plus there is even the website, that has assets online:

Finally I'd most likely try to find whitepapers or tech paperwork for any popular ODBMS like Caché.