I wish to determine if there's a totally free atmosphere to build up in PL/pgSQL.

Writing the code in Notepad++, changing the function and running it turns the procedure slow. I am using pgAdmin(simply to replace and run the process) right now, but this isn't things i want.

I understand that there's one similar question here, but this isn't copied. All of the tools to build up are compensated, I wish to determine if there's one free.

If you're searching for a debugger, check http://pgfoundry.org/projects/edb-debugger/ that may be incorporated in pgAdmin. I have not seen every other tool that may debug plpgsql, only pgAdmin.

I'm happy with following atmosphere.

I personally use a programmer editor like geany or similar and that i edit personal files with functions - I put related functions to 1 file - this is comparable to modules using their company conditions.

I do not make use of a copy to pgAdmin - it's terrible work - and that i don't believe so pgAdmin is nice tool for editing and looking after more functions - it's good for random changes. The editor isn't strong - it's just, and also you can't make use of a usual tools like git, resumes, .. More - you can't to arrange an associated functions to 1 entity.

If I've got a a couple of files, then I've got a opened up console, and merely import personal files to postgres via i command. If I've got a more bigger and sophisticated project I personally use a makefiles - therefore it instantly import only modified and relied files. This is good and incredibly effective if you have a task with increased the other hundred functions.