I am beginner in java and i wish to possess a VPS what i have to install on my small server to aid java projects i believe only JVM 6. JBOSS MYSQL are sufficient anyone might help me concerning the softwares and also the version i have to install on my small linux server, and just how can one set them up?

... and just how can one set them up?

As with every first-rate open source items, you:

  1. visit the website e.g. http://world wide web.oracle.com/technetwork/java/index.html, http://mysql.com/ and http://jboss.org/,
  2. download the appropriate version from the software for the platform,
  3. browse the installation document that's (typically) linked on or close to the download page, and
  4. do as instructed.

If you have troubles with finding or setting up software, a far more appropriate spot to request is on superuser.com.

The 3 you mention are sufficient for Java web applications. In my opinion JBOSS uses Tomcat because of its servlet/JSP engine, so you are ready there.

You will need the MySQL Connector-J JDBC driver.

You'll should also have JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library) inside your Tomcat /lib or server/lib directory. You shouldn't write JSPs without them.

That's sufficient.

JVM, JBoss, and MySQL ought to be enough. Actually, it's ample -)

If you wish to use Enterprise JavaBeans, then JBoss, or perhaps a similar JavaEE Application server is essential. However if you wish to develop Java Web programs that don't need EJB, you are able to use a lighter in weight Java server, generally known as the Servlet Container. A well known and simple to use Servlet Container is Apache Tomcat.