Hello I have been getting periodical difficulties with this site. You will find occasions when it's very slow for longer amounts of time (hrs to days). Throughout this time around, I can temporarily repair the problem by restarting the apache web server from the whm cpanel. The restart supplies a a window of maybe 5-ten minutes of optimal performance for that site before it reverts to it's slow underperforming condition, and that i will need to restart the apache web server again. I am sorry if there's an apparent fix for your problem, my understanding of web services is nearly nil.

Appreciate your kind reactions and experience.

You should use monitoring from the web server to record activity to ensure that later you are able to evaluate it for problems. Sometimes it's difficult to trap the issue when it is happening, so recording, or logging, details about activvity provides an eye on both normal and abnormal activity.

For instance, with logging you may identify which techniques are now being known as, and what parameters are now being passed for them, to result in the downturn. And also you could record the particulars associated with a database call to ensure that you can review lengthy-running queries.

Here's one article of the numerous available about Apache server monitoring.