I've created a web portal in Joomla, that is completely images oriented, hence you will find plenty of images on the website. This site takes a very long time processing and opening the web pages. What is the main reason, and just how can one resolve it?

Get firebug for opera, it's a very helpful utility which i use everyday. It will highlight what is loading, what size it's and just how lengthy it's taking.

Yahoo includes a piece of content on guidelines. Here

There's a lot of steps you can take, however i would start in the link above after which return and request any queries you've still got.

My first test is always to run the web site located on the local network after which look into the performance. Whether it still works slow, its nothing related to the pictures. There is something wrong using the code. You will have to trace and discover which path takes too lengthy.

If images would be the problem, suggest you host images on the fast server like Amazon's AWS. Even so images are cached through the browser and subsequent visits should be fast.

Also employ google chrome and discover what's spending time. Press Control-Change-J around the chrome window. You will get some pretty interesting statistics of what is spending time and network assets.

One major factor to check on is just that you're optimizing all of your images. The hyperlink that Nick provided inside a previous response to Yahoo best practices will give you good quality information. If you're dealing with Joomla as they are as the saying goes, probably the most likely reason would be the images you're using. Make certain you are images would be the correct display size, not bigger. Avoid using the html to size a picture using the height and width command such as this:

<img src="someimage.jpg" height="400" width="600" >

Make use of a photo editor software kit to create the look the particular size you'll need.