I lately migrated my website to some live server, and every one of the timthumb images are actually damaged. I have already spent hrs about this and cant decipher it, any help could be much appreciated.

The produced errors is visible here: http://qcn-upl.stanford.edu/qcnbeta/wp-content/themes/persuasion/lib/scripts/thumb.php?src=http://qcn-upl.stanford.edu/qcnbeta/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Damaged_Building_AIChung.jpg&w=592&h=392&zc=1&q=100

The web site is visible here: http://qcn-upl.stanford.edu/qcnbeta/

Observe that the home page slideshow, and every one of the publish pictures don't load.

How do i fix these errors?

You will find numerous things that create timthumb to not work properly. The very first which is permissions but you will find also host issues too.

This is an excellent resource i have used previously that helped me to with issues I have experienced. Possibly it will be useful for you too? TimThumb issues: http://www.elegantthemes.com/troubleshooting-timthumb.html