I've some problems while making my very own theme for wordpress. Presently I am creating a comment system which was up-to-date in wordpress 2.7 (at this point you that certain with treated comments).

I am following a codex and things are fine except the date-time creation of each comment - it is now searching such as this: %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p . Rather than showing me the time and date from the comment.

I have checked my Date Format and Time Format configurations during my admin panel plus they appear to become set when needed (Date Format: 2009/11/13 and Time Format: 13:30). Maybe there's any parameter that needs to be passed towards the wordpress _ list _ comments() function?

Consider the template that's exhibiting your comments. Likely to reckon that display of comment_date isn't coded properly.

The Time and date Format inside your user interface doesn't typically control the way the theme shows time and date information.

Also see: Formatting Date and Time