I've got a database, the industry a part of a Library Information system. It monitors the books lent by clients, keeping the payment dates and automating the notification of accountability of clients, if your customer came back a magazine beyond their deadline.

Now, I'm using MySQL for that DBMS. Things I know is the fact that MySQL's time relies upon the machine (computer's) time. When checking if your lent book has passed it deadline, I'd compare the present System time using the deadline value connected towards the lent book. Yeah, the database server will really be running on the PC running winXP.

My issue is, once the system time get transformed, integrity from the data and checking of accountability will get jeopardized. It is possible to method to deal with this? It is possible to kind of 'independent time' which i can use? British is my second language so I am hoping that you simply understand me. Thanks!

NOTE: Yeah, I am afraid the applying doesn't have a internet connection.

I believe you are attempting to program around an issue the application should not be worried about. Your application will get time in the computer, you have to have the ability to depend upon that for precision. When the time will get transformed, then time it was wrong, what exactly does which means that for old data? How lengthy maybe it was wrong? Almost all something you are able to solve programmatically.

A much better option would be to make certain time is not wrong. Use home windows time for you to sync against a period server to make sure precision.

In case your PC is running inside a Home windows domain service, you might decide to have your pc clock constantly synchronize it is time together with your domain server while using Home windows Time Service.

In case your PC has access to the internet, it may really set it is time against US National Institute of Standards Technology time service. Instructions and summary of using it may be available at the NIST Internet Time website.

I'd configure an authoritative time server in home windows XP. Here is a step by step process.