I'm getting timeout issues when confronted with lengthy sql queries, the Dataset which timesout for lengthy queries is :

static public DataSet Getxxxx(Guid xxxx)
        DataSet ds = SqlHelper.ExecuteDataset(ConnectionString, CommandType.StoredProcedure, "GetAllxx", new SqlParameter("@productxx", productxx));

        return ds;

How can i set timeout , I'm using Microsoft application block version 5. , anyideas


AFAIK DAAB SqlHelper is / continues to be phased out in favour of 'Database', and you will need to clearly produce a DbCommand and pass it right through to Database.ExecuteDataSet.

        DbCommand command = null;

        using (command = this.Database.GetStoredProcCommand("GetAllxx"))
            Database.AddInParameter(command, "@productxx", DbType.Int32, productxx);
            command.CommandTimeout = 200;
            return Database.ExecuteDataSet(command);