I am attempting to add TinyMCE support to some metabox I have got on my small Add Page screen. This area is there, I'm able to save content and so forth, however can't appear to obtain TinyMCE focusing on it for me personally. Below may be the code- I have examined multiple google results around the problem, plus they all let me know to complete what I have done below. But it is no longer working. Can experience please let me know if I have got a problem?

Thanks heaps!

<?php function page_options(){
    global $post;
    $meta = get_post_custom($post->ID);
    $title = $meta['aside_title'][0];
    $body = $meta['aside_body'][0];


            <td><label for="aside_title">Aside Title:</label></td>
            <td><input id="aside_title" name="aside_title" value="<?php if($title) echo $title; ?>" placeholder="Aside Title"></td>
            <td><label for="aside_body">Aside Body:</label></td>
            <td><input type="textarea" id="aside_body" class="tw" name="aside_body" value="<?php if($body) echo $body; ?>" placeholder="Aside content"></td>

wp_tiny_mce(array(false, 'editor_selector' => 'tw'));
}  ?>