Inside a regular choose box you are able to show the entire title on mouseover using "title" attribute within the "option" area.

In Apache Struts, you are making the choose box using the "html:options" tag. I do not think this tag props up "title" attribute. Can there be a different way to show the entire title of the option on mouseover for that "html:options" struts tag?


I'll admit not to understanding Apache Struts. If nobody more familiar will find a better solution then worst situation you could do this it as being a javascript tooltip. It's more effort, but provides you with more efficient visual treatments for the presentation.

Struts' tag for <select><option>.. is <s:select />, or <s:doubleselect /> for double lists. <s:doubleselect /> does not support title whatsoever, you need to customize the Javascript it creates manually (ddoubleselect.ftl). For using the default theme, the file can be found in struts2-core-2.1.6.jar under template/simple/.