I'm developing a facebook applicatioon using PHP-SDK and GRAPH-API. I seem like saving the e-mail address from the customers who play my application. however i have limited resource, i'm still students with financial crunch. Please tell me what impact the next feature may have on my small application.

  1. a mysql database with three posts serial number, id, current email address.
  2. when the user involves take part in the application, get his particulars.
  3. perform an thorough search within the id column, otherwise found update it.

Carrying out these steps, will require just how much execution some time and stuff, please tell me, what long-term impats it may dress in my application.


An Innodb storage and making the id area unique you'll also find no issues whatsoever -)

With proper indexing, I do not understand why this is an issue. If you are having to pay for that assets to host your script, then storing this little bit of additional data must have a minimal effect on your resource usage.