Wordpress styles are beautiful!

Can there be any guideline to make use of Wordpress styles inside a rails application? Better still, exist rails application templates which could make use of the Wordpress styles already?


WordPress styles consist CSS, images, and templates which are mixture of HTML and PHP (using the PHP invoked WordPress APIs). There is nothing for Rails which i are conscious of which will deal directly with WordPress templates.

However, re-using CSS and pictures from WordPress with HTML that you simply generate from Rails rather than from WordPress is very straightforward. Whether it's tough to tell what HTML is going to be produced in the .php bits, load the theme up inside a scratch copy of WordPress, and examine the origin from the produced pages to determine the produced structure. Then create the same in Rails. That's about this (once you adjust pathways for that .css and image locations).

One problem worth observing is giving credit for that theme. It's customary in WordPress to depart credits within the footer. It would be good form to depart these in whenever you convert a style to Rails.

Checkout the install_theme jewel. I've not it tried on the extender but it is supposed to really make it simple to install other styles right into a Rails application.