We're evaluating several solutions for any new web factor we are searching to construct. You will find several aspects into it, including user management, content management, campaigns, community, and financial transactions.

We're searching to roll the framework ourselves, using Joomla + Vaadin + CAS (to title a couple of) to DIY, however i am wondering as we should simply adopt the Liferay portal for just one-stop shopping?

I've sought out recommendations and haven't develop much. I appreciate anybody that has used Liferay (or selected to not) who'd share what technical hurdles it solves (or does not) and potentially what others it might create.


We made the decision not to choose Liferay mainly because we didn't require a portal server and would only have used it for security things. Since i was running against an energetic Directory server for maintaining user info and permissions, we made the decision to simply build out a Spring MVC application and employ Spring Security to tie into Active Directory.

Ultimately, your decision is made to not use Liferay because we did not want all the extra overhead of the portlet container whenever we did not need all the extra stuff, as well as desired to maintain full control / versatility over just how everything was put up together.

My opportunity is really a partner of Liferay Corporation. so I've got a large amount of experience onto it. Also, maybe you want to capture my opinions having a touch of suspicion :)

We now have used various Java portal tools and the simple truth is: like a corporate portal, Liferay is the greatest one on the market AFAIK. It's wealthy in functionality, has couple of bugs, its code is well crafted, the city is extremely useful which is flexible and easy to customize, being helpful for an array of essentials.

Nevertheless, Liferay is really a portal tool, therefore it performs exceptionally well like a content-centric platform. For a moment manage lots of content (for example news, articles, blogs, wikis, forums...), i quickly would happily recommend Liferay as the platform. In some cases, I recommend a much better consideration. You should use something similar to an ERP, for instance.

Anyway, I've come across Liferay used like a general development platform in a variety of places and it makes sense reasonable. Actually, one will get an excellent improvement in productivity when utilizing Liferay. You don't need to consider customers, permissions, content management... Even complex low-level issues like clustering and sharding could be assigned to Liferay. And also the Lieray Service Builder is among the best scaffold tools for Java I have seen. After I consider it, Personally i think that Liferay, using its various out-of-the-box programs and it is Service Builder, is sort of a Ruby on Rails/Django for Java.

OTOH, Liferay is large and it's really a problem. You might get lots of unused stuff cluttering your platform. You'll have to practice a huge application and it'll demand much effort and time of your stuff. Regrettably, Liferay documentation is poor, to create things worse. Since Liferay does solve an array of problems, its codebase is large. This complexity could be dispensable in lots of, otherwise most, programs.

Also, in case your application doesn't use lots of content, Liferay can offer various useful tools, but it won't be natural atmosphere for implementing Liferay. You'll be kept in the Liferay platform, too, which could restrict your options. You might want to evaluate Liferay tools but I don't determine if it might be a great platform.

Outlining, I'd say:

  • If you wish to make use of a Java-based portal, in order to develop a wide, complex portal, I suggest Liferay without limitations
  • If you wish to create a credit card applicatoin which handles lots of content, Liferay is a great platform to get it done and i believe it might be the best option
  • In case your application is large although not content-centric, I'd not recommend Liferay but it may be helpful
  • In case your application doesn't manage lots of content and it is potentially small, Liferay most likely will prove to add more complexity than worth.