Hello, it is the very first time that i can publish.

I'am experiencing an issue with my Web Applications and can't find any solutions on the internet.

  • My issue is that i've got a Java Web Application that creates parallel with tomcat and apache using mod_jk.

  • Everything works fine, but after one day's running in tomcat, the Ajax request i actually do with Jquery dosn't come back using the data. I am using SQL Base (phpMyAdmin).

  • I am delivering a request towards the servlet responsible for the sql using Jquery Ajax however i never obtain the response. Wierd factor is it is employed by a day after which stop the next (i have to than reload my WebApps to really make it work again).

Would you gentle developpers produce an indication or two please ? :)

Perhaps you have checked out any error messages within the log files? Especially, are you aware when the corresponding Servlet will get known as whatsoever, or perhaps is the request blocked by apache / tomcat?

I believe when opening the bond to consider data from database then most likely you aren't closing individuals connections.And each time the application is creating new reference to database without closing old one.As sql has small group of connections so after eventually or after a while the application can't interact with your database.So you aren't getting data from database. And when you're reloading the application that point you're restarting tomcat to ensure that time your all connections with database are now being closed.So the next time again it's possible get data from database. Check regardless if you are closing database connections correctly after every transaction or otherwise.May be here's your problem.