I deal mainly with custom .internet WebForms and MVC based programs, but someone found me and requested assist with developing a small website for his or her non-profit organization that they will have to have the ability to accept donations.

My preference is always to make use of a simple Content management systems, and that i have come across Shopify and also the Shop Wordpress plugin for WordPress, however they really do not need that much cla of e-commerce. Essentially things i am searching for is a few advice for implementing an easy small-Content management systems, whether it is WordPress, Squarespace, etc, and integrating some way of accepting and monitoring donations.

My primary thought ended up being to use WordPress after which connect to Paypal.

Note: WordPress is growing up since a couple of years back. It may be easily used like a full-on Content management systems serving 100s of pages according to custom data types.

So far as collecting donations, any ecommerce/shopping cart software option would be massive overkill for accepting donations. A PayPal link is certainly the quickest approach to take. This is a step-by-step tutorial regarding how to get it done.

Note: many people don't like PayPal, so attempt to add multiple buttons. This is actually the Google Checkout version. Or 2co appears like they will support it now (or Real Soon Now).