I have to obtain a UML (or alike) DB architecture view from a database (within this situation Oracle) simply by supplying needed qualifications (or else). Please, advice any tools that you employOrused to complete exactly the same purpose.

Enterprise Architect can reverse engineer a database relationship diagram.

From Oracle: SQL Developer Data Modeler

Comercial tool the very best situation is PowerDesigner (by Sybase http://www.sybase.com/products/modelingdevelopment/powerdesigner) - distributed in multiple packages including DBA tool Architect, Designers ...

There's a confusion between Database design associated with business organizations and UML that is an item approach. EA and Sysbase supplies a reverse of the database in the dabase diagram although not an UML diagram.

An answer for Oracle is by using EclipseUML Omondo to produce the bridge between database and model. Begin to see the tutorial how you can reverse a database at: