I have to design an internet screen tool to go in data right into a database

I've been searching at: - zoho creator - temboo - appnowgo - viravis - orangescape - trackvia - caspio

Capability to perform some code: I want at a minumum of one button about this tool which will query the database with different parameter and return database rows. Included in that code I'd like that button to instantly do a little math to a few of the fields, make new copies from the rows to become placed again in to the database.

More in depth description: 1) On area of the screen I must have a listing which signifies rows the database strained in a single way

2) the button at the end of this list copies individuals products as referred to a chance to do code above. The following list (hopefully on a single screen) shows the database queried in one other way.

3) Ideally I must progress and lower the center list and also have a third screen show the majority of the data elements of what's selected. I must edit individuals data elements.

Other needs - having the ability to export and import csv or even the like - It might be nice to possess buttons have the ability to run code to call an API

I 'used' to become a programmer. I'm in times where I have to do that myself at this time, but eventually might be handed to real programmer. I simply need to make it happen fast.

I appreciate any help or opinions you are able to give.