I've lately began utilizing a shared-host for my clients so see project progress in order to play with a brand new technology personally. I appears like all time I deploy a brand new project that runs fine in your area, I encounter new things about the shared-host.

Have you got a hosting that is shared deployment record?

Do you know the common problems you take into when implementing to some shared host?

Medium Trust. If you're developing code to enter a shared host, you need to set the local application to operate in medium trust or else you can almost guarantee you will get security difficulties with code that executes fine entirely trust but dies inside a medium trust atmosphere.

This MSDN article describes about medium trust in greater detail:


They do not always provide you with immediate access towards the database (Enterprise Manager / Management Studio).

You finish up with a couple strange web GUI for creating database organizations, which doesn't accept otherwise valid SQL syntax and you've got to update all of your queries and saved methods to support their custom changes and limitations.

Among mine is file IO permission problems. A good example being conntacting personal files on the internet server from ASP.Internet. You need to make use of a provided online tool to permit permission to complete a lot more than reads.