Can anybody please, tell me if there's a method to discover the precise time, whenever a table was up-to-date.I am talking about whenever a column was up-to-date. Please, help.


give a trigger, once the placed (transformed) data matches your problem do your notification (place into log table, etc.)

I love to have a LastUpdatedTimeStamp column during my tables where I want that type of monitoring.

If you are asking about tracing a big change that was already made, you may have the ability to evaluate transaction logs. I'm not sure how you might start doing that though.

Best practice is Update Trigger on that table which will call a normal procedure where one can pass parameters like description area title and primary key of up-to-date record too the timestamp.

You could include a trigger on update from the relevant column. This are only triggered when the relevant column really was transformed. Example below is perfect for Oracle.

OF my_column
ON my_table
   :new.my_column_updated_at := SYSDATE;

my_column_updated_at will track when my_column was transformed. You may even wish to give a trigger on place to create a preliminary worth of my_column_updated_at.

If you want to discover when, for just about any row within the table, the column was up-to-date, you can problem the next SQL:

SELECT MAX(my_column_updated_at) FROM my_table