I'm building an WPF application that require to switch some really small xml files along with other customers. I am presently considering peer2peer networking, however i require the sender from the files to have the ability to send with no receiver being online also. I don't want to host something myself, and that i want the customers to keep another customers they communicate with in your area on their own machine, for instance only a title plus a GUID or email adress to recognize them.

Do everyone have suggestions regarding how to solve this? My unrealistic could be if there is a totally free or cheap service where customers could connect via my program to some public API and upload their files. So when the receiver user logs on, it might look into the service and authenticate in some way, and download the XML files so it may be imported through the program.

I've designed a solution having a IMAP library in which the XML files are attached within the email and delivered to the devices email account. This program around the receiver inspections the e-mail and browse the attachment. This works ok, but is not so clever as well as filling the customers mailbox and sent products with garbage..

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Ola

This really is one idea:

Normally, Block Storage volumes are noticed as extra 'Drives' that you simply affix to an online Machine. You can then make use of this but as though it had been a metaphoric 'USB flashkey' that you'd tell your partner.

  1. Produce the storage volume
  2. Attach it for your VM and copy your data-to-be-shared onto it
  3. Remove the amount out of your VM
  4. Your Buddy, attaches it to his VM
  5. Then he copies the files and voila!

All this may be carried out by an internet interface and also you wouldn't need to do any networking steps.

All that's necessary now's a competent Cloud Geek, a pot of coffee plus some convincing.