I must transfer the entire Database i've in Informix to Oracle. There's an a credit card applicatoin which creates both Databases, our clients is moving from Informix to Oracle, and requires to transfer the entire Database to Oracle (the dwelling is identical).

We want frequently to transfer data between oracle/Mssql/Informix sometimes just one table and never the entire Database.

Does anybody learn about worthwhile program which performs this type of job?

Thanks ahead of time

The Pentaho Data Integration ETL tools can be found as free (sometimes known underneath the former title "Kettle") for mix-database migration and several other use cases.

Using their data sheet:

Common Use Cases

  • Data warehouse population with built-in support for gradually altering dimensions, junk dimensions
  • Export of database(s) to text-file(s) or any other databases
  • Import of information into databases, varying from text-files to stand out sheets
  • Data migration between database programs
  • ...

A listing of input / output data formats are available in the recognized answer of the question: Does anybody know the list of Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) connectors list ? It supports all databases having a JDBC driver, meaning many of them.

Take a look question of mine, it offers some excellent ideas: Searching for (freeware) database migration tool

you can provide the Oracle Migration Work bench an attempt. See http://download.oracle.com/docs/html/B15858_01/toc.htm If you wish to read Informix data into Oracle regularly, while using Heterogeneous Services may well be a more sensible choice. Look for hs4odbc or dg4odbc, with respect to the Oracle release you've.

I really hope this can help, Ronald.

I've carried this out previously which is not really a trivial task. We wound up writing out each table to a pipe delimited flat file and reloading each table into Oracle with Oracle SQL Loader. There is a lot of Perl scripts to wash the origin data and spend scripts to automate the procedure whenever possible and run things in parallel too.

Gotchas that come up: 1. Choose a delimiter that's as unique as you possibly can. 2. Try to look for data types that match as near as you possibly can towards the Informix ones as you possibly can. ie date versus. timestamp 3. Try to obtain the data as clean as you possibly can just before dumping the flat files. 4. HS will in all probability be not fast enough..

It was done years back. You might want to investigate Golden Gate (now possessed by Oracle) software which might assist with the procedure(GG didn't exist after i made it happen)

Also try this is make use of an ETL tool to see Informix and dump the information into Oracle (Informatica involves mind)

Best of luck :)