can there be any good way to alter the database from mysql to mongoDB ?

or better anyone suggest me good tutorial get it done

can there be any good way to alter the database from mysql to mongoDB ?

Method #1: export from MySQL inside a CSV format after which make use of the mongoimport tool. However, this doesn't always work nicely when it comes to handling dates of binary data.

Method #2: script the transfer inside your language of preference. Essentially you are writing a course that reads from MySQL one element at any given time after which card inserts it into MongoDB.

Method #2 is preferable to #1, but it's still not sufficient.

MongoDB uses collections rather than tables. MongoDB doesn't support joins. In each and every database I have seen, which means that your computer data structure in MongoDB differs from the dwelling in MySQL.

Due to this, there's no "universal tool" for porting SQL to MongoDB. Your computer data will have to be changed before it reaches MongoDB.

If you're searching for something to get it done for you personally, best of luck.

My suggestion would be to just pick a foreign language of preference, and browse in one and email another.

Basically could quote Matt Briggs (it solved my roblem once):

The motive force strategy is undoubtedly probably the most easy. The import/export tools are perfect, but only when you're with them like a pair. You're in for any wild ride in case your table includes dates and also you attempt to export in the db and import into mongo.

You're lucky too, finding yourself in c#. We're using ruby, and also have a 32million row table we migrated to mongo. Our ending solution ended up being to craft a crazy sql statement in postgres that output json (including some pretty kludgy items to get dates going correctly) and piped the creation of that question around the command line into mongoimport. It required a remarkably frustrating day to create, and isn't the kind of factor that may ever be transformed.

If you can pull off it, use ado.internet using the mongo driver. Otherwise, If only you well :-)

(observe that this really is from a total mongo fanboi)

MySQL is much like other SQL databases, and so i give back towards the topić: Convert table from sql to mongoDB

I'm type of a fan of TalendOpenStudio for individuals type of migration jobs. It's an eclipse based means to fix create data migration "scripts" inside a visual way. I don't like visual programming, but this can be a problem domain I make the best.

Adrien Mogenet has produce a MongoDBConnection wordpress plugin for mongodb.

It's most likely overkill for any "simple" migration but ut is really a awesome tool.

Mind however, the suggestion of Nix will most likely help you save time if it's a 1-of migration.

You should use the following project.It takes solr like configuration file to become written.Its quite simple and easy.