I have written my website using ASP.Internet MVC and SQL Server (used a SQL Server instance which went in your area on my small machine).

I am going to upload my website to some host company. However, his DB works under MySQL. I do not worry about the information already within the DB itself. It's mainly mock data along with a couple of tables that we don't mind spinning. But how do you start the transition from SQL Server to MySQL? So how exactly does this influence my queries within my code? could it be exactly the same code syntax? Will I must recreate the table definitions? During my project I made use of LINQ to SQL.

Am I instructed to search for a number with SQL Server abilities (i.e. licenses)? (I really hope not...)


You may have the ability to transition easily, however i greatly doubt this can be.

The variations are lots of and whether you can is dependent on which features you used when developing.

Should you stored to among the standards, you might be fortunate.

Visit a comparison sheet on wikipedia.

Regarding the Linq facet of your question - you need to have the ability to make use of a Linq provider for MySql rather than MSSql with no problem.

This is a connect to one: http://code2code.internet/DB_Linq/

Should you choose opt using the MySql hosting, It is best to test every aspect individuals application to be being employed as expected.

LINQ to SQL works together with MS SQL Server only...so if you wish to keep utilizing it, you have to look for a host having a MSSQL database.