I am while using Tarski theme for any wordpress blog. I would like your blog to become french.

I checked out this site http://tarskitheme.com/help/localisation/, however i can't get caught up ways to use the .POT file to translate it in french.

I downloaded the file and opened up it with geany, made all of the translation, ex:

msgid "Search Results"
msgstr "R├ęsultats de recherche

However can someone show me what related to this file? I guess I must relabel it to tarski_3.-fr_FR.pot, however where will i place it? Must i "compile" it in some way?

Thanks all.


It appears which i must request an issue here to locate a answer on my own, I simply discover that I have to generate .mo file in the .POT


But I am still have no idea where you can put this file... still searching.

You just drop the .mo file within the root directory of the theme, and load the written text domain. Inside your situation, this last step has already been done: the theme already loads its text domain names (line 78 in functions.php, the function is load_theme_textdomain).

If you want a GUI for editing your translation and producing the .mo, try Poedit.