I'm implementing new versions of java servlets with JRun because the host. I'm getting difficulty finding good sources for details about JRun and lessons about how exactly to configure and keep it in check.

After setting up JRun and opening the launcher it cannot start the admin server it produces automatically...so clearly I am running into some issues just getting began.

edit for clearness: I am not searching for a solution or assist with a particular error but when anybody knows of excellent sources for details about JRun and just how to utilize it in order to rapidly bring myself up to date onto it.

This really is most likely likely to be hard to resolve unless of course you publish either the mistake message in the log file or even the listing of steps that you simply required to date.

I've JRun 3.1 set up on my small machine so perhaps I'm able to duplicate your problem should you provide us with more details.

Jrun development has virtually stopped. You need to consider running another application server. Jboss or Glassfish are great options.

I did not know JRun being still around since 1999 or something like that like this. Anyway, Tomcat or Jetty could be my easy substitutes. Tomcat because of its scriptability from ANT etc and Jetty because of its pure simplicity (start a case in five lines of code!).

Glassfish has become a system with lots of components, if you want to host vanilla servlets and JSPs etc. i quickly would choose among the above.