I personally use Ajax to load the #article content in the single.php right into a page template where my filterable image navigation is.

this content loads fine and also the filter navigation works. however when i attempt copying&paste the hyperlink right into a new tab the deeplinking will not work.

i determined that the issue is the filterable navigation that filters with the addition of a #foo towards the url. basically remove that function/wordpress plugin everything works.

The Ajax adds a celebration listner to any or all internal links except a couple of that are defined hereby:

 $(document).delegate("a[href^='"+siteUrl+"']:not([href*=/wp-admin/]):not([href*=/wp-login.php]):not([href$=/feed/])", "click", function() { 
    location.hash = this.pathname; 
    return false; 

i attempted adding my internal links for that filter inside, but didn't have success with :not[(href^=#)] and similiar because i'm not sure the logic.

i have to exclude all links from #portfolio-filter li a

You can just give a class to all the links you won't want to include, like:

$('#portfolio-filter li a').addClass('ignore')

after which work $('a[class!="ignore"]') in to the selector.