I've got a little trouble with Tomcat.

I am using Eclipse Helios to luanch some Servlets, and I have installed Tomcat like a service on my small Home windows 7, however when I Run he produce a mistake Tomcat has already been running, so when I steer clear of the Tomcat service the compliation goes well however i get en error : The ressource isn't found.

Can there be in whatever way to make use of Tomcat 6 without setting up it as being something if so are you able to give any lessons, qo I'm able to my Servlets or JSP pages ?


If you are likely to develop with JSP/Servlets, you don't have to install Tomcat as Home windows service whatsoever. Measuring only interesting for production server machines running Home windows which needs the server to become began on machine's startup without resorting to user login.

Un-install everything and return to the Tomcat download page and download the zip file rather than the service exe file. Once downloaded, just extract the zip, recreate the server in Eclipse, specify the removed zip folder as server location and keep it in check after that. There you have it. No nasty exe files needed.

At the end of our Servlets wiki page you'll find lots of lessons. Amongst others the Coreservlets lessons covers the Eclipse+Tomcat combo.

I guess this might be the mistake. If you install Tomcat , it begins instantly so when you are making a server and run it again it Eclipse this error creates.

Visit user interface --> services and prevent the tom cat by hand after that.

Then if you start it from eclipse the main harbour you'll found is empty so no error is going to be produced..