I'm a drupal newbie. Can anybody let me know what's the concept of such warning.

warning: Parameter 1 to profile_load_profile() expected to become a reference, value succumbed /data/multiserv/customers/395147/projects/730411/www/includes/module.corporation online 462.

The road on question consists of :

** * Invoke a hook inside a particular module.
* * @param $module
* The title from the module (with no .module extension).
* @param $hook
* The title from the hook to invoke.
* @param ...
* Arguments to pass through towards the hook implementation.
* @return
* The return worth of the hook implementation.

function module_invoke() this really is line number 462
return call_user_func_array($function, $args)

as well as in file ../modules/profile/profile.module the function :

function profile_load_profile(&lifier$user) title, f.type, v.value FROM f INNER JOIN v ON f.fid = v.fid WHERE uid = %d', $user->uid)
while ($area = db_fetch_object($result)) area->name)) area->name = _profile_area_serialize($area->type) ? unserialize($area->value) : $area->value

This appears like a PHP 5.3 incompatibility problem, that ought to be fixed within the next minor discharge of Drupal 6: