I've got a friend having a Japanese blog, using wordpress, he's the beautiful url. Essentially domain.com/postname. Well one particular url may be. "domain.com/テスト". His blog is located with an Apache web server.

I'm running IIS7 and am looking to get my Japanese blog going enjoy it should, and also have "domain.com/テスト" show just that certain publish whenever you visit that url. My thinking could it be has something related to url-encoding. I can not find an excessive amount of info on utf-8 or anything about getting worldwide figures to operate inside a url.

Any help on this is great. I'm thinking I ought to change something within the web.config file, although not to sure. I've not had lots of knowledge about IIS7.


It was drawn from forum publish associated with above.

Try adding the next code at the outset of the wordpress-config.php file:

if ( isset($_SERVER['UNENCODED_URL']) ) {