I'm while using fullcalendar wordpress plugin, and wish to refer to it as in the Wordpress after sales. However , apparently, Wordpress uses noConflict in the after sales, so jQuery isn't extended using the fullcalendar wordpress plugin.

I have attempted to call the wordpress plugin with both jQuery("#calendar").fullCalendar and $("#calendar").fullCalendar, nor of these work.

The mistake I recieve in firebug is: jQuery("#calendar").fullCalendar isn't a function

I believe that what i have to do is customize the wordpress plugin file therefore it is applicable the brand new fullCalendar function to jQuery, to not $, however i cant't work out how.

This is actually the wordpress plugin under consideration: http://pastebin.com/tTahfj9b

EDIT: I have no idea why it was not working before, however I'm able to call the technique with jQuery(selector).fullCalendar.

The only real important information here's: make sure to use jQuery, and never $, when writing jQuery for that Wordpress admin panel

Without searching in the wordpress plugin, it may sound enjoy it requires a little help. You will need to edit the wordpress plugin to really make it more "nice."

Do that within the wordpress plugin file:

(function($) {

    // fullcalendar plugin


This can scope the jQuery resist the $ variable round the wordpress plugin.