I requested this over on Superuser also it was recommended I attempt this here:

Can anybody recommend an excellent source to understand databases? I'm altering careers and also have no background in computer systems but this is exactly what I've selected to complete now.

I believed of taking an intro course in a college however i don't have any problem teaching myself having a book plus some software. I'm searching to accelerate my learning curve and don't wish to spend a whole semester with an opening course if there's something better available.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


Appreciate the feedback. The MS site and Oracle look promising.

I'm going after work in software development. I've taken C++ and C# in a college and was recognized to some masters program for that spring. What degree of database understanding/implementation is needed to enter in C++ in the masters level and never get handed your lunch?

I suppose I have to understand how databases are utilized in programming. I not have the common core of expertise to be able to explain the question more completely without tangentially departing into illusory beliefs in a programming career.

Anyway, that which you have given is sufficient to get me going and it'll, I am certain, uncover further regions of interest.

Thanks kindly.

There's a great deal of facets of "learning databases":

  • giving databases
  • creating databases (modeling)
  • applying databases (may need adding business logic into triggers and saved methods).
  • using databases (and this can be 'writing a query' to facets of data mining)

After which there's what type of database. Many people nowadays assume RDBMS, there is however the push towards NoSQL and tuples stores, etc.

There is no one good answer without a bit more details about what you are attempting to do.