I'm utilizing a wordpress wordpress plugin known as shopp sell items, and something facet of shopp is it's image rendering. I'm attempting to essentially tell shopp to come back two images of the identical product: one thumbnail and something large image. Each of individuals images are came back towards the page right alongside one another. Perfect!

What i have to do is by using jquery to cover the big image, and also to set the thumbnail like a connect to the big image (lightbox style). See example below!! example

The main reason I cant do that in pure HTML and css happens because the pictures are dynamically produced, and shopp doesn't have "image-link" functionality. SO again, I have to take both of these images, and hang the big image like a link from the small image while using markup underneath the (above) image using jquery.

Any idea the way i can make this happen?

You'll need a way to find out which image is which within the jQuery. (A category will be the easiest way)

Then this can be used code - http://jsfiddle.net/kJEGd/2/