I'm a new comer to RoR and i'm going through the 500 server error for any very long time with no success. I want someone let me know (or connect to) how you can debug RoR applications in the spend.

My application is redmine and i'm attempting to host it at hostmonster who tuns rails version 5.3.8

The very first factor you want to do is try looking in your log/production.log file inside your live application directory. Which will contain all of the relevant particulars about your error.

You will find certain - very helpful - plug ins (exception_notification for instance) that will email particulars about errors for you because they occur.

  1. book your database.yml.
  2. see log: log/development.log
  3. you are able to debug problem: http://bashdb.sourceforge.internet/ruby-debug.html

hope useful along with you!

The most recent Redmine trunk operates on Rails 2.3.5

http://world wide web.redmine.org/projects/redmine/repository/entry/trunk/config/atmosphere.rb

that could be leading to you problems. Try setting RAILS_Jewel_VERSION = '2.3.8' inside your atmosphere.rb file... while you might find other bugs appear!