Twitter has become blocked in Egypt , I've domain and I wish to bypass throw it it is possible to way ?

The overall mechanism is to setup a nearby proxy in your machine in Egypt. This proxy connects through secure funnel to some safe host (or hosts) that route your http/dns visitors to Internet. To be able to make use of the local proxy rather than direct connections, you need to setup your internet browser.

You will find basically two options with this plan: either you utilize ssh client like a proxy as well as your domain or else you use tor as well as their distributed network of proxies.

SSH In case your blocked machine runs linux: begin a local SOCKS proxy that is now part of a typical ssh client by running in standard terminal: ssh -D 12345 your_username@yourdomain_outdoors_Egypt.internet (where 12345 may be the local port number)

Then configure opera to make use of the tunnel: visit about:config and hang:

  • network.proxy.socks -> 127...1 (localhost does not work)
  • network.proxy.socks_port -> 12345
  • network.proxy.socks_remote_dns -> true (dns connections also employ proxy)
  • network.proxy.type

TOR A safer alternative is by using onion-routing that basically does exactly the same factor in your machine (there is a proxy as well as an encoded link with somewhere outdoors) however the prospective machine changes dynamically. See e.g. tor project